the dark light poem's by:ME!

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the dark light poem's by:ME! Empty the dark light poem's by:ME!

Post by Admin_aka Rickey on Mon Aug 31, 2009 3:36 am

Am i lost?Am i safe?Can I not be found?
Am I week?Am I limp? Am i deep under ground?
There's no sound.There's no help.There's nothing at all.
What's that voice?What's that light?Is that shape about to fall?
There's no faith.There's no hope.There's no way out.
Am I scared?Yes of course.I am scared without a doubt.

I can't hate you,but i can't love you.
I can hide you,but i can't find you
I can't kiss you,but i can't stop
I can see you,but you arn't there
I can love you,why can't you love me?
Admin_aka Rickey
Admin_aka Rickey
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