Warehouse 13 dvd has been released!

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Warehouse 13 dvd has been released!  Empty Warehouse 13 dvd has been released!

Post by Matthewop on Sat Jan 08, 2011 2:16 pm

Warehouse 13 Season 1 DVD centers Secret Service agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are appointed to a secret storage facility housing unusual artifacts in South Dakota after saving the life of the President. The agents are responsible for tracking down missing objects from all areas of the country, as well as monitoring for supernatural activity that might hint at the presence of a new object that they must acquire. McClintock plays Pete Lattimer, an easy-going but effective agent who gets “feelings” The Shield Seasons 1-7 DVD when things are going wrong, and has learned to trust them the hard way. Kelly is agent Myka Bering. More or less Lattimer’s polar opposite, Myka is uptight, by-the-book, and (supposedly) very good at her job. It does have a quirky charm to it, which is aided tremendously by Saul Rubinek’s Artie. The hermit-like overseer of all things mystical is hard to resist. And unlike a lot of current Sci-Fi shows (And here I also include Fringe) Warehouse is all about the fact that 'Mysteries' and 'Mythical Objects of Power' exist; Bruce Lee Forever Light Collection DVDbut there is NO attempt to studiously explain the WHY or HOW. Girlfriends Seasons 1-8 DVD Much like the friction between viewpoints of the two main characters, the show itself seems to be attempting to shove two angles together in a way rather untested The characters are very deep and keep you wanting to learn more about their pasts. Take this show at it's own worth.

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